Monday, January 4, 2010

New Year,New Hope & Dreams

Today is the 4th day of 2010. Time has pas through very fast, in juz a blink of an eye..we have reach anthr wts up in the new year..thr wil b sure lots of ppl gonna change..change their look, the way the dress up n etc..wteva izit..the change mz b for the better.. change not for the reason for other ppl..but change for the reason for ur own good..b urself

I am looking foward a better year from 2009..although 2009 brings lots of swit memory **flashback** 1st may-ibf event..this was the most awesome thng happen in my was great..i have found many new frenz..tat r super craazyy was a memory tat will last 4eva..i have learn many new thing n experience lots of stuff..example like going on AIR life..hahahha..i can tel u its ws nt easy to speak in full bahasa baku..hahaha..the 2nd thng is industrial trainng..althoguh at 1st i was nt tat happy..but i adapt to it fast n make new frenz..all of them r so swit to me..jaga me like their anak..hahahha..n i bring a new culture was started wit a bdy celebration..thn we keep havin all ssorts of party..hahahahha..during lunch time was great..and all of dis has resulted to gain of weight..hahhhahhaa

Tats wt happen in 2009..2010 will b my last year in MMU..will b graduating soon.haiz gonna miz all the gang budak2 kurang screw..hope not to cry during whn the day comes..hahhaa...changes in vinz..hmm..i guess u will not c much changes in vinz..u will still him always smiling all the way like b4..typical vinz..msyb thr r some thngs i hv to change..n tat will b done..
Last but not least, I had a great 2009..we end it with a snall gathering n was nice..hoping to have anthr great year in 2010...Happy New Year to all..

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