Sunday, January 10, 2010


Boardem is a kind of sickness..u mayb board being alone..or mayb get bored of doing all the same thngs evrday..but there is cure for every depends on the individual itself..whneva u fil boredd..look aroun u..thr are many reason fr u nt to b bored..take a walk aroun ur housing area u cn c many thngs..look up the sky n figure wt animal u cn c frm the clouds..hahahaha..tats wt i always do..i luv observing ppl aroun..thrs one time i sit at the jusoc theme park n c the kids playing thr..hahahahha..vry funny how a kid realy enjoy themself

Boring is juzt anthr part n parcel of life..walk tru it with jz a simple remedy.slip..hahahhaa..joking ony..nah/..tat wont help u mch..but try to b wit frens aroun u..yg sama me i always hang out wit the gang2 budak kurang screws..hahahhhaha..anyway its a new courage n spirit to go on..hv a nice day

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