Wednesday, May 29, 2013

A Life Journey Starts With A Small Little Steps Together

A Life Journey Starts With A Small Little Steps Together

There is never a perfect start in a relationship. But there is always tryimg to make it perfect. To do this commitment of both parties need to be together as one in all aspect. In a journey together there is a;ways hurdles, roadblock, sunshine, rain, tsunami......etc etc..You cant miss out all this "disasters" in a relationship..what's matters is how you work together to solve and face it..that is all what you want finish it STRONG or just go through without a fight..and blame other party for your own mistakes.

Trust is always one of the main element in relationship. Yes of course LOVE is important, but LOVE sometimes can fade when there is no more trust. There are actually many points that are important in sustaining a relationship. I can go on like forever but I would like to stress out some points:-
1) Trust
2) Understanding
3) Respect
4) Tolerate

Meeting you was fate, becoming your friend was a choice, but falling in love with you was beyond my control.

                                        My story is entitled Cinta Lolypop
The moment I met with my Loly, is the time when this Loly comes into the picture. It was the day that brightens my day and cure all the pain i had. That is all what I can say. Loly is very understanding and had most of the main points i looking for. We did go kinda slow at first as I do not want history to repeat. But this time is different. I had an amazing time when I with her. Loly is amazing. We share many happy and sweet moment together. I really appreciate all the things Loly do for me. I am happy and will be happy always to have her in my life.

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