Thursday, October 7, 2010

Life is aint as beautiful as u think it is but always c the brighter side of to me is like a jigsaw puzzle..u have to choose the right piece to match with the othr piece..adaption to know which piece goes whr it takes time..but once u r familiar wit it the 2nd attempt u do the puzzle it will b easy ..

Being able to so called 'dissolved' with people in a group takes a moutain of courage n comunication skills..its nt tat dificult as it is...just be takes a bit braveness and lots of good manners n social skills..thats all..often ppl say..or i can say many of them out thr say taht it is not easy..common wt thnk is easy in life..but like the jigsaw puzle ..ince u familiar with it will b easy ...the next group u will b may take abit time to diferent ppl gt diferent attitude n take lil time to know them..

In the nut shell..u will noe if u neva try..dun b afraid to try smtg new in life..jz go on in wt u fil its rite...a lil courage cn makes lots of diferent :)

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